Businesses are able to increase their productivity and become highly competitive in the global market through the deployment of computer simulation technology. However the required simulation models involve high levels of computing power. Workstations, for example, are generally not able to handle such complex workloads.

This four-hour program is aimed at industry users with special CAE simulation requirements. Through the lined-up talks, we intend to show the audience how to successfully acquire and operate computer clusters.

Cluster applications, including scaling and licensing issues, will be introduced, as well as their impact on the product development process. Operational concepts in CAE, as they relate to cloud computing environments, will also be discussed. Finally, multiple use cases and success stories will be described.

This program will be presented at the CeBIT conference on March 19, 2015 and is open to all CeBIT visitors. It is jointly organized by the Deutsche Messe AG and ISC Events, the organizers of the ISC High Performance and ISC Cloud & Big Data conference series.

Compute Cluster - The turbo for CAE simulations.

Applications. Solutions. Success Stories.

March 19, 2015
Hall 6
Stand H54
09:30 – 13:00

9:30 Introduction by Moderator: Compute Clusters - A Must for SMEs - Andreas Wierse, Sicos - Presentation
9:40 Democratizing Simulation through HPC: How COMSOL-Apps Redefine CAE - Winfried Geis, COMSOL Multiphysics GmbH - Presentation
9:55 CAE Applications on Compute Clusters: Who Can Do It and How Do I Use It? - Jan Wender, Science + Computing - Presentation
10:20 Building an Application Infrastructure to Support CAE Simulations for Compute Clusters - Stefan Ciesla, GNS Systems GmbH - Presentation
10:40 Break
10:50 CAE in the Cloud - Wolfgang Gentzsch, UberCloud - Presentation
11:10 Using compute clusters to predict crystalline structures - Andreas Delleske, Avant-Garde Materials Simulation GmbH - Presentation
11:25 Engineering support with compute clusters at AVL - Günter Bachler, AVL List GmbH - Presentation
11:40 The Effects of Simulation, Especially in Connection with Compute Clusters on the Product Development Process (PDP) - Michael Probst, ISKO engineers AG - Presentation
12:00 Support Concepts for CAE - Alfred Geiger, T-Systems - Presentation
12:20 Panel Discussion: "How SMEs Can Meet the Challenges in the Use of Compute Clusters".

Please note: The Program will be presented in German only.


Dr. Günter Bachler

CAx Senior System Administrator, AVL List GmbH

Stefan Ciesla

Systems Engineer, GNS Systems GmbH

As a systems engineer Stefan Ciesla is responsible for High Performance Computing (HPC) projects at GNS Systems GmbH. After his master degree in Electrical Engineering and Business Administration at the Technical University Braunschweig and positions with Hewlett-Packard, Germany and Agilent Technologies, Santa Clara US, he joined GNS Systems in 2002. Since then he is in charge of national and international customers for planing, implementing and operating HPC cluster systems in the CAE segment.
GNS Systems is a European leading serviceprovider for IT-services in the area of product development and engineering. The company works mainly for notable enterprises in the automobile and airspace industry as well as in the machine-building and plant construction sector.

Andreas Delleske

System Administrator, Avant-Garde Materials Simulation GmbH

Andreas Delleske is a system administrator responsible for the care of the compute clusters at Avant-Garde Simulation GmbH. He also pursuing the company "Dellekom", which operates about 150 customer networks and telephone systems.

Dr. Alfred Geiger

Solution & Innovation Management, T-Systems Solution for Research

Dr. Alfred Geiger is responsible for solutions and innovations in the field of technical computing at T-Systems - Solutions for Research. After studying aeronautical engineering, he worked as a Ph.D.-student at the Institute for Aerodynamics of Stuttgart University. He joined the computing-center of Stuttgart University (RUS) in 1989 and established services and competence in parallel computing. From 1995 until 1999 he was head of the HPC-Center Stuttgart (HLRS). In 2000 he joined debis Systemhaus, the service-organization of DaimlerChrysler (which was later acquired by T-Systems) as a service manager in Research and Education. From 2001 to 2006 he was responsible service-manager and key account-manager for the German Center for Aerospace research (DLR).

Dr. Winfried Geis

Branch Manager, COMSOL Multiphysics GmbH

Winfried Geis holds a PhD in applied mathematics (numerical simulation of piezoelectric stack actuators) from the University of Stuttgart, supported by the Robert Bosch GmbH - Automotive Electronics Division. Since February 2007, he has worked at COMSOL, where he was originally in sales and technical support. He is now the Branch Manager and head of the technical department.

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Gentzsch

Co-Founder & President, UberCloud Community & Marketplace

Wolfgang Gentzsch is co-founder & president of the UberCloud Community and Marketplace and a strategic consultant for HPC, Grid, and cloud computing. He is also the Co-Chairman of the ISC Cloud & Big Data conference series. Wolfgang was Director At-Large of the Board of Directors of the Open Grid Forum, and an advisor to the EU project DEISA, the Distributed European Initiative for Supercomputing Applications. Before that he directed the German D-Grid Initiative, was a professor of computer science at Duke in Durham, NC State in Raleigh, and the University of Applied Sciences in Regensburg, and visiting scientist at RENCI, the Renaissance Computing Institute at UNC Chapel Hill. Wolfgang was a member of the US President's Council of Advisors for Science and Technology, PCAST, and held leading positions at Sun, MCNC, Gridware, and Genias Software.

Michael Probst

Executive, ISKO engineers AG

Mr. Probst studied engineering at the Technical University in Munich. He worked as a technical staff calculator in the automotive industry and in 1996, with a colleague, moved on to open the establishment ISKO GbR umformierte. In 2000, the company name changed to ISKO engineers AG. As head of the ISKO engineers AG he currently serves the core client Audi and VW. He is responsible for strategic business development. ISKO engineers AG offers integrated CAE solutions of standardized services on methods development to fully integrated and automated CAE processes incl. Optimization and data management.

Jan Wender

HPC Presales & LSF Team Leader & Senior IT Consultant, science + computing

Jan Wender is working today for science + computing ag, a German IT service company focusing on technical computing environments. Starting out in 1989 in computational linguistics and cognitive psychology at University of Trier, he already had intensive contact with Unix environments in the faculty and computing centre. Since 1998 he is employed by science+computing ag, working in HPC services. In the 2000s science + computing helped introduce Linux clusters for simulation in the German automotive industry, and is today running many heterogenous environments in CAE departments. Customers include all German automotive OEMs, but also the semiconductor and life science markets.

Dr.-Ing. Andreas Wierse

Managing Director, Sicos BW

Dr. Wierse studied mathematics at the University of Bonn and worked briefly at the Institute of Applied Mathematics. In 1991, he worked in Stuttgart as a graduate student in the Department of Visualization Center of the University. In 1997, he founded together with his colleagues, the start-up VirCinity (later Visenso) He coordinated and managed the marketing of COVISE visualization software. In parallel, he received his PhD in 2001 in engineering and technology. In 2011, he founded SICOS BW with the shareholders Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and the University of Stuttgart for the purpose of promotion of applications of HPC and Big Data in small and medium-sized enterprises. His work is to advise its clients in the acquisition of the right tools and to provide support during the first steps in the HPC arena. The Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts of Baden-Württemberg fund SICOS, so no consulting fees are incurred for SMEs.


Deutsche Messe
Halle 6
30521 Hannover

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